Free Violin Worksheets

This page features FREE Violin worksheets for you to download. These are based on the courses I run in London. Each week, we explore a new idea about violin playing.

You can download the basic ideas here as PDF files - just like the example worksheet on the right. Each worksheet is a 'reminder' of the key ideas about each topic. You still need to learn each topic in detail, but these worksheets are a great 'aide-mémoire' for when you're practicing on your own.

For more detailed information about each subject, download the Violin Action Guide for detailed 'how-to' instructions!

Introductory Workshop

Workshop 1 Building A Checklist
To build good habits and make your technique reliable and 'automatic', use a checklist to remember everything. Download it!

Workshop 2 Rhythm, Notes and Sound
There are three basic things you should always check tomake sure you are playing the music correctly. Download it!

Workshop 3 How to Plan Your Practice
Try dividing your practice time into three sections. Download it!

Year 1, Semester 1

Lesson 1 The Square [coming soon!]
Lesson 2 Bow Fundamentals Download it!
Lesson 3 Bow Fundamentals - Exercises [coming soon!]
Lesson 4 How to Play in Tune [coming soon!]
Lesson 5 Creating Technical Exercises [coming soon!]
Lesson 6 Why Play Scales? [coming soon!]
Lesson 7 The Power of Open Strings [coming soon!]